Possum master

Pest trap



Defending the front lines for over 20 Years!


Possum Master kill traps are a unique method of targeted pest control, protecting New Zealand’s flora and fauna.

Used by both professional and domestic trappers, it’s not only the master of possums but a variety of pests such as mustelids and feral cats


Possum Master a pests worst nightmare

  • Unique noose hold system, Powered by heavy-duty springs.
  • quick and easy to set and clear.
  • versatile positioning on trees and the ground.
  • lightweight and stackable for easy handling.
  • 5 year parts replacement, manufactures guarantee.
  • reliably used for Over 20 years.

They are very easy to use. we have 19 traps set up around pockets of bush on our dairy farm. 4 set up as cat traps and the rest on trees for possums. our tally so far 87 possums 6 cats and 4 rats.”


Jackie W – Farmer

“Our company has thousands of possum master traps. In our experience, they are the most reliable, cost effective kill trap on the market”


rob brenstrum – better nature 

We are a community driven project and After trailing multiple possum traps, our volunteers have unanimously voted for Possum Master as their preferred trap.”


Rick F – Sanctury coordinator