How to set traps

Step 1: Ensure safety catch is in “SAFE” position.

Step 2: Put bait onto the bait hook. e.g. small apple wedge.

Step 3: Apply pressure to the front of the trap (with thumb under cord) ready to push fly arm over with other hand.

Step 4: Push fly arm down firmly, while pulling cord forward with the thumb.

Step 5: Trigger will locate automatically and safety will be on.

Step 6: Position noose cord around plastic hooks.

Step 7: Position on tree using only a small headed nail as shown. Secure cord. Trap will lift off nail and hang on cord when pest is caught.

Step 8: Before leaving ensure safety catch is in “SET” position. To release dead pest follow steps 3-5.

Baiting Notes
  • Place a piece of bait in front of the trap to act as a lure and encourage pests curiosity
  • Ensure pests can’t reach behind the trap to steel any bait, by positioning on a branch or runup that is wider than base of trap.
  • Use a small plastic bag to make a long life bait. Just make sure it’s well secured on the trigger with twist ties or something similar that can strongly hold it in place. 
  • For a location to set just look for signs of possum activity e.g. scratching or manure.

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Animal Bait (IB = In Bag) Positioning Faceplate
Possum Firm fruit e.g. apple slice, (IB) jam, pre feed paste. In a tree. A leaning trunk is ideal, position about 2 hammer lengths (600mm) up from the ground or on a thick branch. Hang on a small head nail and secure with cord. X
Feral Cat Meat e.g. possum, rabbit, (IB) cat food On the ground secured with pegs or a plank run up secured with cord. X
Ferret Meat e.g. possum, rabbit, (IB) raw egg, oily fish e.g. tuna, sardines,
On the ground along a fence line, side of a building or chicken coop. Secure with pegs and or cord. Recommended
Rat Firm fruit, meat e.g. bacon, (IB) peanut butter. Hang vertical on a wall, post or tree. X
Non targets
Chicken To protect pet cats, DON’T add meat or spices e.g. cinnamon, nutmeg. To protect domestic animals and native birds, keep up off the ground out of reach. If positioned on the ground, use faceplate and secure with pegs. Recommended if set on the ground
Cat / Dog
Native Birds